PRISM no. 6 | sterling silver

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Caged chrysocolla.

Light and wearable, the Prism still makes itself known. Delicate and dynamic, the Prism’s mirror-finish pops on its wireframe design. Each perfectly imperfect Prism is universally flattering and versatile- refined in its slight imbalances, and clearly one of a kind, fitting naturally onto the wearer. 

Chrysocolla is a hydrous copper silicate with a hardness of 4 at the most. With an amorphous crystal system, chrysocolla grows in closely packed aggregates. It has been found in Chile, Zaire, Russia, and the USA.

Approximately 2.25” tall x .75” wide. 

20” chain.

One of a kind piece, hand modeled in wax. 
Small batch casting, in recycled fine & sterling silvers. 
Designed and handmade in Fort Collins, Colorado.


Caring for your sterling silver pendant:

- Keep dry - includes a porous stone
- Avoid wearing during sports/vigorous activity
- Do not apply pressure to the sides
- Clean gently with a jewelry polishing cloth