• Eco conscious packaging
Each order is carefully packaged to arrive on your doorstep with as little waste as possible. We use recycled and recyclable/biodegradable shipping supplies from EcoEnclose, which is a local Colorado business. We also reuse packaging from our own online purchases (and encourage you to do the same!). Each part of the shipping process has been considered - even down to the shipping labels. While normal shipping labels come on a silicone-coated liner (not recyclable), we use labels that come on a paper liner that can be easily recycled. Our business cards and print material are from Tower Press, a women-owned and operated business. Business cards and jewelry care cards are printed on recycled kraft paper. 
  • Metals

We use recycled sterling silver, and studio scraps are collected and returned to be melted back into the supply stream. At this time, the brass and copper used in fuse93 pieces is not from a certified recycled source. However by its nature, brass is usually recycled as it maintains its quality and is an easily recovered material. Sterling silver chains are made in USA or Italy.

  • Waste practices

Starting in 2020, a portion of studio sweeps (dust, metal shavings, and trash containing metal - like sandpaper) will be collected and donated to Sweeps for CERF. This program, through Rio Grande, refines and distributes precious metal "sweeps" to provide emergency support to artists. 

Some of our materials and supplies come packaged in plastic bags or on plastic spools, which are not curbside recyclable. These materials are saved to be dropped off at an appropriate recycling facility.

  • Stones

The mining and cutting of stones can be a secretive and risky trade, bringing numerous environmental and ethical concerns. Many of the stones in our current material inventory are of unknown origin, and were purchased prior to informing our business practices on this important matter. All future stone purchases will be considered based on the traceability of mining and cutting. However in the meantime, we believe it is best to use what is already on hand.

  • Carbon offsets
Creating, packaging, and shipping products impacts the planet. Since we mail our products, we purchase “carbon credits” to counteract the impact of transportation. We use an app on Shopify called Offset, which calculates the cost to neutralize our shipping emissions by protecting forests through certified projects and partners. Read more about the projects supported, and how offsets are calculated here.


Print materials (recycled kraft stock) by Tower Press

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