baby blue celestite

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Mini wrap. Raw, light blue celestite crystal, wrapped in sterling silver wire. Also known as celestine.

Celestite is a soft, gentle mineral with a hardness of 3-4. It forms prismatic or tabular crystals, or can occur in massive or fibrous formations. It can be found in other colors, such as clear, green, yellow, or reddish brown, but is most sought after in the sky blue color.

Celestite is a gorgeous celestial reminder. It is metaphysically associated with serenity and angelic communication.

Approximately 1” long x .7” wide.

Caring for your natural stone pendant:
- Store in a dry place and do not wear in water
- Avoid wearing during sports/vigorous activity
- Do not drop or knock against hard surfaces - this stone is especially soft
- Clean gently with a jewelry polishing cloth