lavender phantom amethyst | sterling silver wire wrap

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Naturally terminated amethyst crystal wrapped in sterling silver wire. This piece displays a pale lavender hue, with subtle phantoms at the tip.

Amethyst is the birthstone for February. It is a purple variety of quartz, with a range in hues. It is often found in Brazil, as well as Bolivia, Mexico, Canada, Africa, Russia, and the United States.

Amethyst has a rich history. In Europe, neolithic people used it as early as 25,000 BCE. Ancient Egyptians used it to create jewelry and beads. In other cultures, it has been seen as a symbol of royalty and status, and has been used in crowns and rings.

Its name means "not drunken" in Greek, due to an ancient myth. An angry god turned a girl into a clear crystal as revenge. Then in a regretful state, he poured grape juice over her as an apologetic offer, which gave her the purple color.

Caring for your natural stone pendant:
- Store in a dry place and do not wear in water
- Avoid wearing during sports/vigorous activity
- Do not drop or knock against hard surfaces
- Clean gently with a jewelry polishing cloth

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